Disrupting organisational culture

We enable teams to hack their existing culture and co-create ways of working that maximise their organisation’s ability to thrive in complex environments.   


Culture diagnosis

We support organisations to measure where they are now and clearly define the culture they want to create. 

Systemic change

We take a systems view of organisations and change, and work with teams to help them do the same. 


Drawing on the strengths of individuals and organisations, we help them work out what’s possible and then build it.  


Effective change involves people. We facilitate the co-creation of solutions and enable learning.


Humans evolved to be social. We connect individuals and build inclusive teams where everyone has a voice.


Our standalone workshops are designed to add value and can act as a catalyst for further change. 

I imagine a world where we all find satisfaction in our work. It is a world where every human being is intellectually engaged, motivated, and self-inspired. Our cognitive capacity as a race is fully engaged in solving the monumental problems that we face. 

L. David Marquet, former Nuclear Submarine Commander

Reduce bureaucracy

Efficiency and fairness are important to organisations, but too much bureaucracy gets in the way of individuals and businesses performing at their best. Reducing bureaucracy means getting rid of all the stuff that’s getting in the way of people getting on. We help build bureaucracy-lite businesses.

Embrace flexibility

Call it flexibility, agility, or adaptability, innovative, future-focused businesses are good at it. It’s challenging to create and maintain a business culture that work this way. We support leaders and teams to create and recreate businesses that flex, learn, evolve and grow.  

Realise potential

Leaders can often feel that teams have more potential than they’re currently realising. We help them create organisational cultures in which people can thrive and which help teams and businesses achieve their real potential.

Engage your teams in the future of the business and in achieving its true potential

We also write about change and culture

Is your business change-enabled?

Is your business change-enabled?

Change is tough We all know that changing organisations is tough, right? Organisations are complex systems and, whilst I’m always prepared to argue the case that people don’t resist change, I know that systems do. There’s still a lot of top-down planning for change...

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