About US


We are shift

Founded by Jane Ginnever in 2015, Shift is a consultancy with a clear purpose: to help businesses and the people they employ to realise their potential, by optimising the organisational culture they operate within and developing more effective ways to work together.    

We work best with purpose-led companies, and leaders with a vision and a passion for the culture they want to create. We bring an extensive experience of working with teams, managing organisation-wide change and leading businesses and people to every project we work on. 

“ Since working with Shift we have put processes in place that really work and allow people to make decisions and take action. It’s enabled us to make literally hundreds of improvements to every aspect of the way we do business.”

Rich Anderson, Managing Director @ BosonWeb

what we’re really good at

We work with companies and with teams to change organisational cultures and build their capability to adapt. 

We work in multiple sectors and with organisations of many different sizes. The common theme is purposeful leaders who see untapped potential in their teams. 

We’re capable of many things, but these are the things we’re really good at!

Get in touch for more information about how we have put our skills to good use supporting businesses to change the ways they work. 

  • Catalysing change
  • Engaging teams
  • Enabling different ways of thinking
  • Developing new organisational cultures

The world of work needs to change.  Your team can be a part of that.