how we work



Culture diagnosis

We support organisations to measure where they are now and define clearly the culture they want to create. 

Systemic change

We take a systems view of organisations and change and work with teams to help them do the same. 


Drawing on the strengths of individuals and organisations, we help them to work out what's possible and build it.  


Effective change involves people. We facilitate the co-creation of solutions and enable learning.


Humans evolved to be social. We connect individuals and build inclusive teams where everyone has a voice.


Our standalone workshops are designed to add value and can act as a catalyst for further change. 

Schein's culture diagram

Culture diagnosis

Getting a clear sense of the where the business or team is now is an important first step. We base our diagnosis on Schein’s model of organisational culture (above), exploring the assumptions and beliefs held deep within teams. We’re then in position to help them define and communicate the culture they want to create.


Biological system

Systemic change

Organisations are complex systems, not machines, so we work with clients to enable change to happen in a different way. At the same time we build their capability for adaptability and further evolution. With a clear, communicated vision of the culture that’s desired, we work with teams to catalyse and support the change they want to effect.    


Trees in a forest


Using a strengths-based approach and change techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry, we engage teams to explore the strengths of their business. This creates a positive sense of what’s possible and connects them to a shared, envisioned future. Drawing on successes of their past, we enable companies to engage their teams in building a more successful future.


A group of people joining hands in the middle of a group


The right organisational culture can provide lasting competitive advantage for a business, but there isn’t one ‘right’ way of doing things. We support client teams to develop new ways of working that enable the outcomes their business wants to achieve. We work with people to explore different perspectives, research multiple available options, and initiate and test change. 


People hugging each other


Some organisational cultures separate rather connect people. We work with processes such as Non Violent Communication to develop cultures of increased openness and inclusion. We build deeper connections between individuals and enable teams to embrace conflict. This leads to more opportunities for collaboration and innovation and enhances performance. 


Team working together at a table


We use workshops as a way to work with groups within client businesses. We also recognise that when some clients initially engage with us, they may not be looking for a system-wide change but something to help them develop an area of their organisational culture that isn’t effective. We have created standalone workshops that will add value and act as catalysts for change.   


"Before we started working with Shift, we were struggling to know the best way to begin our transition. Today I can truly say that the priorities that the teams are delivering on is occurring faster and with more impact than it could have done previously. And people are gaining a lot more fulfilment from the experience."

Dan Lyus, Director of Development and Operations @ We Care & Repair

We’re ready when you are.