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Our workshops

We work with companies to disrupt and change organisational cultures. We enable teams to hack their existing culture and co-create new ways of working. Our standalone workshops are created with those aims in mind, and add value to the work of any team.

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Realising the potential of your team

This is a 4 hour workshop for in-house teams. It’s designed to engage your team with the aims of the business and catalyse real world action that will move both the business and the team forward, helping realise the true potential of the team. The workshop will help identify any barriers that people face and will support them to find different ways to work together to overcome them.

The workshop is preceded by a one hour 1-2-1 session with the team or business leader, to clarify and aid the communication of the long-term aim, purpose or vision of the business. It’s followed by a 30 min coaching session with each delegate 2-3 weeks after the workshop, supporting their own planned actions and building on their capability and confidence to succeed.  

All elements of this workshop can be provided virtually.


Working with client companies, we have also developed and run workshops on capturing learning from Remote Working (as a result of changes in response to Covid-19 control measures) and Embracing Conflict, both of which would also work as standalone workshops. Get in touch for more information about working with Shift.